Best Waiter/Waitress

Beau Wurster, Sushi Hana

Readers' Pick

Also, Best Seafood (Sushi Hana)

Beau Wurster won’t admit it, but Sushi Hana’s veteran server must be sick of hearing how us landlocked rookies butcher names like unagi, ama-ebi, and shiro maguro. For more than three years, Wurster has weathered the mispronunciations and served plates full of what Indy readers consistently vote as Missoula’s best seafood. And for those still stumbling over the examples above, it’s freshwater eel, sweet shrimp, and Albacore tuna, respectively—and each is delicious.

Finalists, Best Waiter/Waitress

2. Zach Radford, Red Bird

3. Tom Catmull, Red Bird

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