Best Way to Own A Piece of Missoula History

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In Missoula, one man’s trash is another man’s nostalgia, even if it’s held together with red duct tape. Locals turned out in droves behind the Wilma Theatre this June in the hopes of snagging a seat or four or five from the historic downtown venue. Owner Nick Checota, who purchased the Wilma earlier in the spring, had the old seats removed as part of the ongoing summer renovations and decided to sell them as mementos for $10 a pair to anyone who showed up. The offer started as a simple Facebook post, but when the day finally arrived, it quickly became clear that demand had outpaced supply. Checota sold every seat on the main floor and still had dozens of people waiting in line. Some managed to snag yet-to-be-removed balcony seats. Others were left with no option but to hope extras would wind up on Craigslist. Overall, the evening proved a powerful example of just how much Missoulians love their local icons—and how much owning a piece of one would mean.

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