Best Way to Spend your 21st Birthday

Bar hopping downtown

Staff Pick

This year we asked you for the best way to commemorate turning 21 with a little self-interest, since the Indy turns 21 this year. We thought maybe we’d get a few tips. You had plenty. Shockingly, most involved alcohol, with bar hopping downtown a popular contender, as well as flaming shots at Feruqi’s and dinner and drinks with friends. Kudos to the candor of making fun yet terrible choices, naked, drunk, blacked out, in jail, in a taxi, in a DeLorean, in a time machine, in a trashcan, avoiding the bar you’ve gone to for the past three years and as if I could remember as well as the sobriety of not drinking too much, not in jail, at the Mansfield Library, eating pie and awake. You guys are too much fun. Also, at odds with one another—but that’s what makes Missoula such a diverse community, isn’t it? While some of you are naked and blind drunk, some of you are in the library.
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