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Despo’s only has two settings for its hot wings: Hot and Sissy. The hot wings aren’t guilty of false advertising, but the sissy wings won’t listen to your problems either, because even they will make you sweat for a minute. But Despo’s doesn’t take the easy way out and just bludgeon you with heat. The brilliant flavor behind it all is well worth a moment of pain. (There’s also teriyaki, barbecue and garlic pepper sauce flavors, if you want another way out.) And if you can’t cope with the heat, rest easy: There are more than 25 televisions’ worth of sports to take your mind off your mouth. Desperado Sports Tavern: 3101 S. Russell St, 549-9651,

Finalists, Best Wings

2. Buffalo Wild Wings: 2615 Radio Way, 829-9464,

3. Old Post: 103 W. Spruce St, 721-7399,

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