Best Women's Haircuts

Boom Swagger Salon

There are certain professional aspects to how Boom Swagger Salon operates that probably make some customers really happy—stuff like annual Aveda training, staff development sessions and other proactive steps the crew takes to stay on the cusp of what’s hot and trendy in the world of hair. But for a large contingent of regulars, what matters most is how we’re treated when we walk into the salon. It starts with the offer of a beverage and the type of friendly conversation usually reserved for good friends. Shampoos involve a scalp massage that instantly soothes even the most uptight and hurried customer. However you want your cut and/or color, the stylists make it happen with an expert’s touch. The only thing that trumps the sense of indulgence and much-needed relaxation during this lavish experience is the confidence of walking out the door knowing we look good and feel as strong as ever. Boom Swagger Salon • 204 S. 3rd St W • 830-3192 •

Finalists, Best Women’s Haircuts

2. Canvas Studios • 429 Madison St • 926-1440 •

3. Tangles Hairstyling • 275 W. Main St • 728-0343 •

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