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Bible of the Devil

Freedom Metal



One would think Satan himself created the delectable Flying V-powered leads of Chicago's Bible of the Devil, but alas, guitarists Mark Hoffman and Nate Perry—backed by bassist Darren Amaya and drummer Greg Spalding—orchestrate the stoner metal group's latest effort, Freedom Metal. This is butt rock without any of the butt, containing elements of early thrash, driving 1980s-punk bass lines, vocal harmonies reminiscent of Paul Stanley's best and spectacular Iron Maiden-esque guitar harmonies. (Swoon.)


The opener, "Hijack the Night," is equal parts throat punch and karate kick, vocal hook and guitars a go-go. And, if that weren't enough, it has a false ending. B of the D rocks it double on "The Turning Stone": A heavy, galloping riff reintroduces the band as metal, a dual lead that sticks with you for days follows, only to be one-upped by a chorus that will stick with you for years. But every rocker has a soft side, right? Nope. Even when the boys slow their roll it's in a spot-on homage to Thin Lizzy on "Ol' Girl." We got enough Thin Lizzy songs, you say. Stop reading, then. You may think you've heard these songs before; you haven't. The songs on Freedom Metal are better.

Bible of the Devil plays the Palace Thursday, April 15, at 9 PM with Rooster Sauce and Thug Nasties. $5.


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