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Bird’s Mile Home

April in Goddamn



Missoula outfit Bird’s Mile Home hasn’t made much of a peep (ha!) these days, but it’s still kicking—the core songwriters and members, Timmy Arrowtop and Keith Moore, are just often busy with work, family, other bands and, of course, making jokes on the Internet. Bird’s Mile’s first release since 2010, the new 7-inch April in Goddamn, contains four driving, twangy punk songs that will be plenty familiar to anyone who’s gone to many of Bird’s Mile’s live shows. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t worth picking up, so you can sit down and catch more of the nuance and lyrics than you might in the din of a bar. I’ve always paid more attention to Moore’s ringing guitar riffs and to the ripping-fast drumming (provided by Joey Running Crane on this record, but original drummer Jesse Knaab is back on the skins for live shows these days). Arrowtop’s acerbic sense of humor shines through with lyrics that are even more pissy than I realized. “I never wanna see you alive/ Don’t wanna hear your voice again/ Don’t wanna see you ’round here,” Arrowtop sings in his growly Leatherface-y voice on “N/A.” Moore gets the last word on this too-brief record, in “Last Song,” belting out a sharp, “Go up to bed.” I’d suggest hitting play again.

Bird’s Mile Home plays a 7-inch release at Stage 112 Sat., July 19, along with Billings’ Megagiant, Thee Hounds and Holy Lands at 8:30 PM. $5. 18-plus.

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