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Black Mountain Moan

Black Mountain Moan EP



Damn, I could drink malt liquor all day listening to this album on repeat. Any healthy dose of harmonica, guitar and drawn-out blues vocals will definitely send me back and forth to the Orange Street Food Farm with a shopping cart full of forties. Black Mountain Moan's debut does just that and even features a trap set beckoning my lazy feet off the hammock and into the yard.

The local band's EP is reminiscent of the Black Keys before they had a tendency to make hits or diverge into rock. BMM plays it straight, with catchy blues riffs looped with some solo work and thick harmonica on the side, served up fast. This is done just right on tracks like "Jumper On The Line." Then they slow it down on "Going Down To The River," seven minutes of wailing harp doused with sadness.


While the music is great, it doesn't offer a trademark. There isn't a moment that stands out and says, "This is Black Mountain Moan's, and theirs alone." That's okay. It's another entry in a genre older than my grandma, a style that never goes out of style. Even Zoloft couldn't beat the blues.

Black Mountain Moan play a CD release party at Monk's Sat., July 7, at 8 PM.


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