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Ride Your Heart



If you're looking for a dose of summery fun, Los Angeles duo Bleached's beachy, pop-rock melodies could be just the thing. Bleached is sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin. They previously played in the all-girl lo-fi punk outfit Mika Miko, but don't expect to hear much of that band's grit here. On its first full-length, Ride Your Heart, Bleached takes punk rock and runs it through an Instagram filter, adding pretty harmonies and a Pitchfork-friendly aesthetic to album covers and videos.

Bleached lacks the snarl of Mika Miko, but in interviews, Jennifer Clavin says she intended to be more serious than she was in the playful punk band, telling Bust magazine, "With Bleached, I'm finally like, 'Fuck it, this is what I feel, and I'm singing about it.'"

It's not all heartbreak, though. The Clavins can party, too, judging by how they swig beer while applying eyeliner before going out in the video for "Next Stop," or dive into a pool fully clothed in "Think of You." Bleached's formula might not be complicated, and neither is sitting on a beach, but both are quite appealing at times.

Bleached, Ex-Cops and Needlecraft play the VFW Tue., April 30, at 10 PM. $7/$12 for ages 18-20.

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