Gonzo Chicago focuses lens on Missoula music scene



If you've been to a show in the Missoula indie/punk scene at all in the last few months, you've likely run across the effervescent John Yingling, photographer and editor of the Gonzo Chicago blog.

Crowdsurfer: John Yingling
  • John Yingling of Gonzo Chicago catches some air

Gonzo Chicago started out documenting, well, Chicago, but since Yingling moved to Missoula last fall, he's been photographing and filming Missoula events and posting the results online—all for the joy of it, saying he doesn't expect payment for covering DIY shows.

The Plurals at the Ole Beck VFW in Missoula
  • The Plurals at the Ole Beck VFW in Missoula

He explained how he got started in a post for Impose Magazine, saying, "I started Gonzo Chicago in 2007 with a shitty point and shoot Canon ELPH, simply filming bands in DIY spots and other venues. Some of the things I was seeing in Chicago's underground were blowing my mind."

He goes on to explain why he started bringing a camera: "I could never find any music online from a lot of the bands I was seeing in these warehouses and basement shows, so it was hard to check out what I was going to see."

Here's Yingling's video of Thee Oh Sees show at Zoo City Apparel:

Thee Oh Sees : Live in Missoula, Montana. from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

Yingling has also jumped into the promoter game, booking Chicago rock duo White Mystery at the VFW on April 10 in Missoula. He promises there's more to come, telling the Indy: "Chicago is home base for any foreseeable future. I'll return there in November, but Missoula has been phenomenal, and is part of an insane project to be launched in summer."

Joey Running Crane of King Elephant
  • Joey Running Crane of King Elephant

You can see more of his work at the Gonzo Chicago Facebook and blog.


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