Party Planning Committee: July 8 - 14



I know, you're already wistfully dusting off the ashes and watermelon shrapnel from your Fourth of July, but fear not, plenty more fun is on the way. Here are my suggestions—or choose your own path and click here to search our entire events calendar.

Larry and His Flask
  • Larry and His Flask

Lessee, there's the fundraiser night at the distillery, if you feel like getting your fancy drank on, and then the Top Hat shows one of the finest Nicholas Cage films, Raising Arizona.

Widespread Panic at Big Sky Brewery! Widespread, brah!

If you're not going to that, might I suggest the Badlander's Live and Local Tuesday, with anti-folk band Spider + Octopus and a whole bunch of Oblio Joes dudes!

Also, KBGA's new trivia night at the VFW, which runs from 8-10, is pretty excellent, which is to say my team won last time. Ahem.

Hey, don't write yourself off yet. It's only in your head you feel left out.

Also, a bunch of punk bands, including Koda Seqouia, Mitts, PD Lear and more play the ZACC basement tonight (I wish I could use the old BSMT name just since it was nifty, but I suppose it wouldn't be appropriate) including Idaho Green, all the way from Huntley, Montana. This is the closest I'll ever get to seeing a band from my hometown play Missoula, is my guess. (I grew up in the town next to it. Huntley's football team slaughters ours every year.) Anyway, go support an all-ages, DIY venue and drink sneakily in a vacant lot far away enough that nobody gets in trouble, mmkay?

It's the Best Of Missoula par-tay in Caras Park! So, you know, a lot of beer drinking with Independent staff, which is entirely unlike every other Thursday night, I can tell you that.

Check out the ZACC's Second Friday shindig with comic artist Dennis Morin, of Be on the lookout for violent seals.

It's the Missoula Marathon today! If you are excited about this, we are probably not close friends. Go decide for yourself what to do this fine evening.

Houston, we have a problem: Joe Pug, an awesome singer-songwriter, plays the Top Hat the same time as Larry and His Flask, an awesome country-punk-string-band. Bird's Mile Home opens for the Flask, though. Also, the Flask oughta be one hell of a dancing good time. Okay, I guess I know what I'm doing.

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