Audacity: Burger (Records) Band to Blast (ZACC) Basement



While I don't believe that Fullerton, California's Audacity (or the Audacity, there seems to be both on the internet) is named for the president's memoir, they're still all right in my book. Why? Well, mostly because of the fact that they take two kinds of music that I quite prefer, pop and punk, and prove that occasionally, yes on very rare occasions, you can do both things at once. Pumping melody into punk energy, or vice versa. Or something.


I refuse to believe the words "pop punk" to have anything but a pejorative connotation, so I guess I don't know how to neatly file them for you. Punk energy. Pop melody. Great songs, don't worry about it, I guess. They're a DIY rock band, man. They remind me of Red Kross. There should be an opportunity for pogoing.

Audacity played behind one of my all-time favorite musicians, Todd Congelliere at Total Fest IX, back in 2010, and were pretty awesome then. That three years has passed and they've released this incredible Mellow Cruisers record in the interim only makes me pretty sure this show's going to thoroughly slay. It happens this Saturday, December 7th at the ZACC Below, 232 N. 1st West, is all-ages welcomed, and starts with a pot-luck at 7PM. $6 at the door.

Here are five more reasons (hey, who doesn't love a list!)
1) Armaund Hammer: a new Missoula band with John Samuel Brown, longtime KBGA guy, belting out great punk rock tunes.

2) The Whoopass Girls: Ethan from King Elephant's other band. Their 2013 release More Soda is a total ripper.

3) My Two Dads: Thug Nasties guys' new thing, pretty much 80s California hardcore.

4) 64 Tuna: Barrow bros outfit. Food, bodily function obsessed. Sort of like the Descendents!

5) All-Ages: One price. If you're a tween, a full-fledged teen, twenty-something-or-other, or a fill-in-the-blank-old-ass grump like me, there are prescious few opportunities for folks of all-ages to get together and enjoy some loud rock and roll in 2013. Thanks to the ZACC for providing their space for this kind of thing.

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