Time to plan a road trip: Treefort announces line-up



The Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho (March 20-23) recently announced more bands in its line-up, and I'm thinking a road trip is in order.

  • Polica

My highlights include stuff I've already seen and know to be rad live, like The Joy Formidable, who generally put on a great, high-energy rock set, Dan Deacon and his high-octane experimental dance and Sallie Ford's great retro tunes.

  • DanMcMahon
  • RJD2

But there's tons more I haven't seen, like indie legends Built to Spill, Philly producer RJD2, Minneapolis synth-pop outfit Poliça, Seattle's beloved Chastity Belt and the rising star (with a killer name) Perfect Pussy.

Plus, Missoula bands including Boys and The All Hail have been confirmed, and it's exciting to see our hometown musicians getting recognized.

And, lest we forget, longtime snotty, irreverent punks The Dwarves are on the bill too. I realize The Dwarves are silly and a lot of their imagery and lyrics are horribly offensive, but come on guys, THE DWARVES. I've seen them for an all-too short set a couple years ago at Fest, but it was some of the best 15 minutes of my life, so I'm totally going if only for that.

Check out more about Treefort—including passes, ticket info, and non-music stuff like a film festival and literary series—at treefortmusicfest.com.


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