Tonight at the Crystal: Missoula's Rale Sidebottom screens a film about a South Bay hardcore band



Missoula-based filmmaker Rale Sidebottom made a short film about Sad Boy Sinister, a South Bay hardcore band, and it screens tonight as part of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. It's a portrait of a punk band trying to keep punk alive post 1988 and it includes interview with the lead singer Tony D., who talks about what it means to be punk and how that changes as you get older and have kids.


Along with a few cool interviews you get a chance to hear some good old dirty punk music, and see shots that give a nice slice of an old scene. Check out the trailer below. You can catch the 29-minute film at the Crystal tonight, Thu. Feb. 20, at 6:45. It plays along with a few other shorts, including a collaborative animation film designed by top Canadian artists using yellow sticky notes and Who Shot Rock and Roll, which tells the stories behind some of the most iconic rock and roll photographs.


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