Kevin Costner: "I'm no dummy"



That's what the actor/musician/everyman wanted to get across in a short interview with the Indy today.

f6d1/1248733566-kevin_costner___modern_west-1.jpgHe's promoting his country band's July 31 appearance at the Wilma Theatre and, although he hates interviews (always has), and knows that idiots like us are going to ask him questions about silly actor/musicians like Billy Bob Thornton and Keanu Reeves and William Shatner, he still puts on his friendliest voice and calls some writer at the next tour stop to talk shop.

"It's like the name of the band," Costner said from a hotel room (not a field of dreams) in Iowa. "I didn't want my name on the band. I'm not like Dave Matthews. I just wanted Modern West. But the guys know how things work, and I know how things work, and they asked me to put the name up there, so I did...I'm already sticking my neck out on the line with this shit, but there are some things I have to accept. I get it. I'm no dummy."

Really nice guy. Down to earth. Likes to talk music (Neil Young and Robbie Robertson came up often). I'm not a huge fan of Modern West so far, but Costner says the band's built for live shows. See for yourself on Friday — for $35-$50 a ticket — or listen to a clip here.

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