Week in Review: Cojones, Kennedy and Weed



Both Sen. Tester and Sen. Baucus offer mixed signals about a public option in health care reform.

The Boston Phoenix begins speculation on who will replace Sen. Kennedy.

Hikers beware: International drug dealers are apparently taking to our national forests.

In media and economy news, papers continue to feel a pinch.

The big news among alt weeklies this week involved the bankruptcy court auction of Creative Loafing, the company that used to run stalwart alts in Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, Tampa and Charlotte. A New York-based hedge fund submitted the winning bid. The papers impacted by the sale are putting a positive spin on their new owners.

Speaking of alt weeklies, we hope to highlight some of the more compelling work from around the country on our blog. This week, that involves the Kennedy piece above, as well as how cancer may play a part in the fight for medical marijuana, a critical look at wind power, and a truly weird/controversial piece about "Zoophiles."

And, finally, Bob Jaffe's back to his weekly council updates. It didn't take him long to get back into the swing of things.

This morning before we got started I heard Hendrickson commenting to Wilkins about his quote in the paper on his statements at the Republican central committee forum. I threw in something about him becoming the new champion of the Republican party that wasn’t well received. He said something about at least not being too far on the left. I suppose that would be the left of labor unions and safety nets and the like. Jason got involved and then Dave had to break it up to get his committee started. All this before 8 AM while the coffee was still brewing. It’s good to be back.

He wasn't done, either. In regards to Councilmen Haines and Hendrickson desire to punt to experts on determining building height in the zoning rewrite, Jaffe writes:

...this is a policy decision and that is what we are elected for. If these guys don’t think they are qualified to make these decisions I’m not sure why they are running for office again.

I think the Missoulian's Keila Szpaller said it best over at Red Tape: "Cojones, please."

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