Baucus plan emerges




Reports today that Sen. Baucus spent the weekend circulating a draft of his $900 billion health care reform package. It doesn't sound good for those hoping for a public option.

Two highlights, first from the Washington Post:

Two of the Baucus measures reflect the group's long-standing goal to find common ground on highly contentious issues. Instead of a government insurance option, the Baucus proposal would create a network of non-profit cooperatives — an alternative that Grassley, the lead Republican negotiator, has backed. And it would levy a fee on insurers for providing high-cost plans, a provision aimed at curbing health-care cost inflation that Democrats and Republicans have endorsed, but that would violate an Obama campaign pledge not to target more generous plan covering many union households.

And from the NY TImes:

The proposal by Mr. Baucus does not include a public option, or a government-run insurance plan, to compete with private insurers, as many Democrats want.

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