The Kettlehouse and Rehberg (and Rehberg's hair)



Courtesy of The Lowdown, we learned today that Rep. Denny Rehberg drank a pint-plus of Cold Smoke Scotch Ale before jumping into state Sen. Greg Barkus' motorboat on Aug. 27. The other details? Still a little murky.


Was Barkus impaired: "We can go through and second guess ourselves forever on this thing, but as far as I could tell I saw no signs of impairment at all. None.”

On Barkus drinking: “I could not honestly tell you whether he had a drink or not.”

On the speed of the boat: “I’m no judge, because I was not paying attention and there’s nothing really to gauge it by, but to me, I’ve water skied, and I’ve water skied at 30-40 miles mph, and I wouldn’t suggest this was water skiing speed. It’d have been a lot colder, your hair would have been flipping around a lot more.”

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