Weekend football primer (Update)



The Indy recently learned that people sorta like this thing called "football." Turns out, a few folks here in the office are also fans — and are excited for this weekend's action.

First off, the irrepressible Jerry Glanville brings his Portland State Vikings to Washington-Grizzly Stadium. Fritz Neighbor, the excellent Griz beat reporter at our daily, has a fun preview of PSU with a few zingers from the always colorful ballcoach. Example: Glanville's first impression of his lanky QB, Drew Hubel: "He was so thin we didn't allow anybody to take his picture."

Count on a few more bulletin board-worthy quotes from the visiting ballcoach. And if you need a reminder of how much fun he can be, check out this ESPN segment on Glanville from a few years ago.

(UPDATE: Things may not be all butt slaps and high fives in Grizdom this weekend. A Kaimin story this morning details yet another alleged assault involving Griz players. The student paper also takes coach Hauck to task for his "wall of silence." Fun times.)

On the NFL front, some of you may be wondering why western Montana was unlucky enough to watch Miami-Atlanta last Sunday instead of the regionally more appropriate Denver game. We don't know. But we do know that this amazing site tells you, visually, who gets what game.

If you want to get excited about possibly watching some former Griz this weekend, the most recent UM alumni magazine did a nice profile of hopeful NFLers Colt Anderson, Tuff Harris, Lex Hilliard and others. Download the issue here.

Lastly, more than a few fans noticed Bresnan's addition of the NFL Network's "Red Zone" channel last weekend. (Also available in HDTV.) This thing just may change the way you watch the NFL — it cuts to whatever game has the best live action, in real time.


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