Fun with press releases



It's not uncommon for our newsroom to get slammed with never-gonna-be-a-story, puzzlingly inappropriate or just plain bizarre press releases. It's part of the job at every paper to sort through these things, and, rest assured, we're alwaysmostly polite and thankful for receiving such thoughtful, albeit strange, heads ups.

This week, however, three releases caught our attention for the wrong reasons.


Let's start with "Chad," the unnerving prep at the forefront of Alltel's advertising campaign. He visited Missoula for two events: to show support for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Missoula, which is fine, and to sign autographs at local retail outlets. Alltel really wanted us at the stores to interview "Chad" and see him in person greeting fans. Wow. If "Chad" has actual Missoula fans that don't work for Alltel or Big Brother, Big Sisters, then I will switch to Alltel immediately.


We also got a release from Chili's (think baby-back ribs), explaining how "all Missoula area Chili's Restaurants" would donate 100 percent of their profits to fight childhood cancer. That's fantastic, except for the fact that there are no Missoula area Chili's.


Lastly, comic Doug Benson announced his upcoming gig in Montana. Benson's best known (already a stretch) for his documentary Super High Me and for appearing on "Last Comic Standing." His new tour will cover 13 states in 13 days and focus on states that have passed medical marijuana laws. The release goes on to quote the funnyman:

There are currently 13 states in the US where medical marijuana has been legalized. And to show my appreciation for the people in those states, my buddy Graham Elwood and I are going to do a show in each of those states. Yeah, that's right, 13 shows in 13 days. Wish us luck! (And bring me weed.)


I'll be moving east to west, so time zone changes should work in my favor, but doing shows from Rhode Island to Hawaii, with 11 shows in between, in 13 days, will be hard to pull off. This stoner is going to give it his best, though. But first I gotta find my pants. Where the hell did I put them?

Shockingly, the release failed to mention when Benson would appear in Montana, and where.

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