Spokane's impressed by our "cow town" food




Spokane chef David Blaine, who authors a blog titled From The Back Kitchen, recently visited Missoula and had trouble wrapping his head around Caffe Dolce. His extended post marvels at the Brooks Street location's decor and equipment. And then ends with an interesting summation of Missoula and a question:

Another question, one that I went to Missoula to research, is how does this little cow town in the foothills of the Rockies have so many interesting food businesses? How are they able to do so many things that fail to find a foothold in Spokane?

What should we respond to first: Being described as "a little cow town," the opportunity to list why exactly Spokane stinks, or a chance to celebrate the apparently less than imminent Spokanification of Missoula?

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