Alt weekly roundup: Glenn Beck, Monkey College and optimism



Just about every week we review three of the best stories from other alternative newspapers around the country and list them with a week-in-review-type post. Since Bobby Hauck dominated our week in review, we'll cover the alts here:

1. The Hartford Advocate reports on Glenn Beck's start in talk-radio in Connecticut. Luckily, it also involves this picture.


2. Who couldn't use a monkey to chase away the blues? The Boston Phoenix covers the heartwarming efforts of Brighton's Monkey College, where capuchins are trained to be lifesavers for the disabled.

3. It's Festival of the Book weekend, so how about a link to the Chicago Reader's review of Butte native Barbara Ehrenreich's latest, Bright-Sided. (Expect an Indy review sometime down the line.)

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