Stu flies home for Obes reunion



The Oblio Joes once held the title of longest running band in Missoula—until they broke up. Their reign from 1993 to 2007 gave us songs like "Ginger," "Don't Believe" and "Roll on Kentucky Moon," which fans belted out with full lyrical knowledge at show after show. Recently the band members succeeded in raising the air fare to fly guitarist Stu Simonson back to Missoula for a reunion show. A New Year's Eve reunion show, no less.


It all started, according to the Obes lead singer John Brownell, with Dennis Lynch. Lynch, who fronts the band El Zombi Gato is moving back to New Jersey for a while and wanted to have one hell of a going away party. And, for him, that meant the Oblio Joes had to play.

Details are still being solidified but it looks like the New Year's party will happen at the Palace with a local lineup to open. Brownell says, "It's probably going to be a messy, sloppy, loud, good time." Those who are familiar with the Obes won't be surprised by that projection. Those who don't know them, listen up:


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