Tester "racks up" endorsement




Outdoor Life magazine included Sen. Jon Tester, aka "a politician with a hunter's heart," in its annual list of men and women who have changed the face of hunting and fishing. Prolific Indy commenter Matthew Koehler gave us the heads up, and also wrote about it on his blog.

From Koehler:

These are the same “Outdoor Life” folks that bring you:

“Rack Girls 2009“

“Fish N Chix 2010“

“Shed Hunting Babes“

Yep, those “Outdoor Life” folks are all about big rack collaboration. Clearly their support of Senator Tester’s logging bill means something…but what that is isn’t exactly clear.

Fish N Chix? Really? Forget holiday food issues. I think the Indy has a new feature idea.

Anyway, Koehler takes exception to Outdoor Life's write-up concerning Tester's new Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. Already, the usual suspects are hitting the magazine's site both for and against Tester's proposal.

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