Mortenson, Crow and Nealon fight for all the pretty horses



A press release from the Equine-Welfare Alliance says that actors Kevin Nealon, Viggo Mortensen and Mariana Tosca (who?) recently released statements about the welfare of wild horses.


The Indy's story on wild horses and Wild Horse Island in Octorber created some local buzz. But the national controversy about wild horses continues to catch fire—especially after Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s recent proposition for transplanting wild horses. Reports of other celebrities getting riled up about the issue includes strong statements from Sheryl Crow regarding the horse transplant plan.

Celebrities often raise awareness on controversial issues—for better or worse—and this trio adds its two cents to 150 organizations asking President Obama and Salazar to halt the round-ups of wild horses and burros in the U.S.

Mortensen made this statement:
“Thanks to all who have contacted their government representatives on behalf of mustangs, those unique animals that are living symbols of the nation's heritage and character. Your efforts have paid off, prompting Congress to strengthen the protections afforded to wild horses and burros in the United States of America.”

I’m sure he means Middle Earth, too.

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