How Missoula connects to the Tiger Woods scandal



Small papers love to find a local connection to the biggest national news stories, and, courtesy of E Online, Missoula apparently just entered into the Tiger Woods debacle.

According to E!:

Kalika Moquin is the latest woman to be linked to Tiger Woods, but she's definitely not a new addition to his alleged roster of females.

"They've been friends for three years," a source tells E! News of their relationship. "I think he was attracted to her small-town charm."

Moquin hails from Missoula, Mont., and works at the Bank nightclub in Las Vegas, where Tiger was sometimes a patron.

The UK's Mirror reports on "10 Things You Need to Know About Kalika Moquin" and includes:

5. Kalika grew up in remote Missoula, Montana.
6. She grew up on the outskirts of the town on a dirt road.
7. The nightclub promoter has said she wants to go home to Missoula - but only after living in New York.
8. She is a self-confessed country music fanatic.

Moquin, for the record, denies the affair.

Woods' transgressions came to light after an unexplained early morning crash last Friday outside his Florida home. Rumors quickly spread that the crash was the result of a domestic dispute stemming from Woods' newly revealed extramarital affairs. Woods has apologized for "transgressions" and letting his family down, but not explained the crash. The video below, from a Chinese news station, offers some "Grand Theft Auto"-like possibilities for how Woods' crash happened.


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