The Week in Review: Health care, Hauck and some holiday thing




The Senate finally passed its health care bill today with an early morning vote along party lines. The Washington Post quoted Sen. Max Baucus in its story, saying, "We stand here at the finish line . . . with millions of American families who have been forced into bankruptcy over the cost of health care . . . on behalf of 45,000 Americans who die each year simply because they don't have health insurance . . .Today, we make history for them and every American who has fallen victim to our broken health-care system."

Now the Senate and House will wrestle over the particulars of their respective bills. It'll be interesting to see if Baucus' Libby provision makes the final cut.

UM lost its head coach this week when UNLV hired Bobby Hauck. We'll miss him tons, obviously. But the Las Vegas Review-Journal has a nice anecdote at the top of its story on Hauck's introductory press conference. Also in the Vegas media, Missoulian beat writer Fritz Neighbor offers up a piece about Hauck for the Las Vegas Sun. Here's an interesting part:

Bobby Hauck can also be childish and stubborn, among other things. But in the business of winning football games, you take the bad with the good, and there’s a lot more good than bad with Hauck.

Meanwhile, the search is on for Hauck's replacement, and while we know it won't be Joe Glenn (sigh), eGriz — the best place for breaking Griz news — is full of rumors, hopes and tips.

Among the Montana blogs this week, we found the following ...

- Red Tape reports that John Hendrickson has interviewed to be the next MBIA liason.
- 4&20's J-girl sums up her feelings on the disappointing Otter Creek decision.
- Courtesy of Electric City Weblog, we see a profile of UM law professor Rob Natelson written by former Indy staffer Jesse Froehling that appeared in something called Vision magazine.
- Also from Electric City, some succinct thoughts on Gov. Brian Schweitzer's appointment of Mike Wheat to the Supreme Court.
- Jay Stevens looks at Obama's first year as president at Left in the West.

From the world of alternative weeklies, here are your top three stories:
1. A Willamette Week editorial on the spirit of the season — and Jesus.
2. The Stranger's review of Avatar made us laugh — and pee our pants a little bit.
3. The New Haven Advocate found that a bunch of nonprofit honchos received huge bonuses just before the bottom dropped out last year.

Lastly, if you're in the market for some last-minute gift ideas, we suggest heading downtown. We know for a fact that most local shops are open this afternoon and also know, unfortunately, due to a need for diapers last night, that the scene in the big box stores is a cross between one of those Montana Meth Project commercials and Dawn of the Dead.

**Illustration by John Overmyer

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