Blogs go batty over "drunk" Baucus video



In case you haven't seen it yet, Sen. Max Baucus stumbled and slurred through a recent health care speech on the Senate floor. While some Montanans may have simply chalked it up to the usual Baucus bumbling (he's not exactly Barack Obama at the podium), many more have pounced on Montana's senior senator and wonder if he was drunk.

Maybe the word "many" doesn't accurately get across how Max is getting dragged through the blogosphere. Just search "Baucus drunk" on Google. The video above has been seen more than 175,000 times in four days. It's the lead story on the Drudge Report. Politico is asking Baucus' staff for a response. And YouTube also has its share of video responses to Baucus, including this awful thing:

We're happy to poke Baucus when he deserves it, but this seems silly.


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