Tester taken to task



"Wild" Bill Schneider at NewWest.net recently posted a scathing lecture aimed directly at Sen. Jon Tester and his actions during the recent subcommittee hearing on the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act.

Here's what makes Schneider's column worth reading: He largely supports the bill. But Schneider can't stand for Tester taking the low road during the public hearing, attempting to belittle and marginalize an outspoken critic of the bill. Matthew Koehler, the subject of Tester's testy remarks, can be a polarizing figure. But he was invited to speak at the hearing to represent those who were left out of the bill's secretive creation, and to speak about some of the bill's more troubling components. Schneider, who has never met Koehler in person, puts Tester's reaction to Koehler's testimony in perfect context and suggests, at the very least, that the senator publicly apologize for his behavior.

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