Off to the races (UPDATED)



The filing deadline may still be weeks away, but some of Missoula's legislative races are already heating up, most notably a heavyweight bout in the HD 94 Democratic primary.

Former Missoula mayoral candidate and current MUD ED Lou Ann Crowley has tossed her hat in the ring against county Democrat leader and Pov Center ED Ellie Hill. The winner will apparently take on Republican Jay R. Stanford, the lone GOP candidate so far, to represent HD 94 in Helena.

In other races, HD 99 incumbent Betsy Hands (D) has an opponent in Republican Patty L. Lovaas. And Democrat Willis Curdy faces up against Republican Champ Edmunds in HD 100.

We noted the other early filers here. The state offers a complete list of legislative and non-legislative filings online.

UPDATED: Crowley is no longer MUD's ED (no matter what the world wide web says) and hasn't been since 2008. MUD now operates without an ED and with an all-volunteer board (and, clearly, with a different website). We regret the error.

Also, according to Crowley' filing announcement, Stanford has dropped out of the race. So there's that. Expect more from HD 94 between now and the primary.

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