Your super-local Super Bowl primer



Okay, so there aren't a ton of local angles to this weekend's big game, but we know all of you — save for some Wilco fans — will be watching, and we know you crave every possible thing there is to know before kickoff. For you, we've found a few local links to the Saints and Colts, and maybe the coolest spoof video we've seen all year.

First, the video, courtesy of Slate, in which they wonder what the Super Bowl would like look if it was directed by famous filmmakers like Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Werner Herzog and Missoula-born David Lynch. (See, we told you we found some local connections.)

Other semi-local angles:

Perhaps one of the greatest moments in post-Katrina Saints history came courtesy of Steve Gleason. In the first game at the Superdome after the hurricane, on Monday Night Football, Gleason burst through the line on a punt and blocked it, leading to the team's first touchdown of the night. People cried. Gleason became a hero. YouTube videos immortalized the moment. The local connection? Gleason was represented by Missoula agent Ken Staninger.

One developing storyline this week is that nobody is rooting for the Colts because New Orleans suffered through Hurricane Katrina and 40 some years of being horrible. Well, we know of at least one local Colts fan who has a 25 percent chance of being in a Missoulian article this weekend about the fact that he's a Colts fan.

Almost as big as the game itself are the commercials. No commercial has received as much attention as Tim Tebow's controversial Focus on the Family (FOTF) anti-abortion spot. FOTF has a Montana branch, the Montana Family Foundation. You can learn about its Truth Project here.

Most of you are probably less interested in storylines and more curious about where to catch the game. We know people watching it here, here, here, here and here.

Us? We'll be watching from this vantage point.


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