Montana health insurance costs soar



California's huge health insurance rate hikes may be hogging the headlines, but rates here in Montana are rising in some cases by just as much.

As we report this week, the state auditor's office has seen a surge this year in the number of Montanans complaining about big increases in their health insurance rates.

"What we've been hearing—and there's definitely been an increased number of calls—is [an increase] from Blue Cross and Blue Shield somewhere from 39 to 43 percent," says spokesperson Jackie Boyle, stressing that her office likely hears only about the extreme cases.

We want to get a sense of how common such extreme increases are around Montana. So if you received a letter in the mail from Blue Cross and Blue Shield or another insurer in the state that made your jaw drop, let us know about it. Comment here or, better yet, email me at mfrank[at] Thanks.

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