Missoula schools undergo yet another headscratching change-up



The Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) confirmed today that three principals and one assistant principal will be reassigned going into the 2010-2011 academic year. These moves mark the latest round of musical chairs Superintendent Alex Apostle has played with MCPS administration.

According to MCPS Public Affairs Director Lesli Brassfield, the chain of reassignments is a bit confusing, so bear with us. Acting Big Sky Principal Paul Johnson will take over for Bob Gearheart as principal of Washington Middle School. Gearheart will then move to C.S. Porter Middle School, where he'll serve as assistant principal under Gail Chandler. That leaves current C.S. Porter Assistant Principal Lisa Hendrix free to take the helm at Meadow Hill Middle School, presently under the administration of Principal Nick Carter. Carter will replace a retiree as a dean at Big Sky High School, thus completing the circle. Brassfield says no one will be fired, only shifted to new schools.

Can we get a chart or something with this? My goodness.

We're still asking about what prompted this strange administrative line dance, and will update when we have answers.

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