Reaction to firebombed medical marijuana shop



As if opinions about Montana's medical marijuana law weren't fiery enough already, two medical marijuana clinics in Billings were firebombed today.

The Billings Gazette has the latest:

  • Larry Mayer - Billings Gazette
UPDATE 7 a.m.: A firebomb was thrown through the front door of a medical-marijuana business today, and "NOT IN OUR TOWN" was spray painted on the storefront. ...

Ed Regele, a battalion chief with the Billings Fire Department, said the firebomb was like a "Molotov cocktail."

The bombing came on the same day the Billings City Council plans to vote on a moratorium on medical-marijuana businesses, which are being opened up around the city in increasing numbers. The city has issued more than 80 business licenses for the stores. ...

UPDATE 11:45 a.m.: A second medical marijuana store in Billings was also firebombed and vandalized with the graffiti “NOT IN OUR TOWN” on Sunday morning, according to its owners. ...

Video surveillance of the incident shows two people outside the storefront in the Rimrock Mini Mall at about 5 a.m.

More from the AP here.

Patients & Families United, Montana’s patient-rights group, called on Montanans to unite in opposition to "terrorist-styled" violence targeting medical marijuana facilities. But it also called for “more dignified and professional” behavior by facility operators.

Some actions by medical marijuana caregivers are “not what was intended or envisioned by those of us who advocated the medical marijuana law in 2004," Tom Daubert, founder and director of Patients & Families United, said in a statement. "The law needs to be modernized, with regulation and oversight designed to prevent some of the undignified and unprofessional behavior we are seeing."

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