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Bill Ohrmann is a Drummond rancher who started painting when he was 78 years old. We did a feature story on Ohrmann last year when a documentary about him called Be Thou Always As a Guest screened in Missoula. If you missed it, filmmaker Sean O'Brien is showing the film again, this time at the Opera House Theater in Philipsburg.

Now 91, Ohrmann's completed over 200 paintings, many of which hang in the Ohrmann Museum and Gallery located on his Flint Creek Valley ranch, which he's owned since 1933. His colorful pieces include sometimes graphic illustrations of both environmental beauty and destruction. One of his newest ones, "Always Hopeful Always Wrong," shows Ohrmann's take on the current oil spill fiasco.


In fact, you can check out both the museum and the film while you're in the area. And Philipsburg's always good for a weekend heritage trip to get your Montana history on.

Be Thou Always as a Guest shows at the Opera House Theater in Philipsburg Saturday, June 12, at 7 PM.
There will be reception following the film at the Community Center, where some of Ohrmann's paintings will be displayed. $7 admission includes food and drinks.


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