A World Cup semi-final guide for idiots, written by a smart guy



Former Indy writer and current big-time author Zach Dundas served as our World Cup expert last month, and now he's writing about the tournament for Gawker Media.

If more people wrote about soccer like Dundas does, maybe people would finally care about the sport. A sample of his write-up, in advance of today's Holland/Uruguay match, about how the Dutch look like World War II resistance fighters:

[Wesley] Sneijder and his primary accomplice, Arjen Robben, are both young bucks in their mid-20s. Somehow, they both look like they just spent about three years bivouacked in a birch forest, surviving off airdropped RAF rations and picking off stray Wehrmacht supply columns. Shaved heads. Starved countenances. Overall, a steely approach coupled with some crafty, old-school Dutch flourish.

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