Links: American Splendor, Wal-Mart and unicorns



Here's what we're reading from other alt weeklies from across the country:

City Pages remembers legendary "American Splendor" comic Harvey Pekar, who died July 12 at age 70.

We've had our share of interesting medical marijuana stories this week, but then there's this in Austin, Texas: Joseph Casias, a longtime Wal-Mart employee who has an inoperable brain tumor, is now suing the mega-chain for firing him over his use of medical marijuana.

Willamette Week continues to cover the bizarre disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman—and the sad family drama that's now dominating the story.

More good news from the Gulf: The Texas Observer recently ran a piece (originally published by Facing South) about so-called Dead Zones. What are Dead Zones? From the article:

...even before the spill, up to 8,000 square miles of Gulf waters would turn every year into Dead Zones — vast areas of the coast so depleted of oxygen that shrimp, crabs and other marine animals could no longer live.
Now, scientists fear the BP spill will make a bad situation worse.

Brendan Kiley, theater/dance editor for The Stranger in Seattle, is always a great read. His latest feature had us from the headline: "Every week, the Can Can Cabaret tricks Seattle into watching modern dance: They do it with a little stripping, a lot of pop music, and the occasional unicorn butthole."

Lastly, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies announced its annual awards this week, and we're proud to say the Indy scored a top prize for Matthew Frank's story/analysis on Max Baucus' role in health care reform. That seems as good a way to head into the weekend as any.

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