Meet "mini-Baucus"



The Washington Post profiled Russ Sullivan today, leading with the fact Sen. Max Baucus' top aide would like to be known as Baucus' "Mini Me."

"I would love to be characterized as a mini-Baucus," Sullivan admits in the article. "I'm doing my absolute dead-level best to think as much like him and become as much like him as I can. That's what I want to do."

Didn't Jon Tester say that exact same thing once? Just kidding, of course.

Sullivan, by the way, is from Arkansas and has never lived in Montana. He has, however, turned his office into a shrine to the state. Not kidding. From the Post:

[Sullivan] has developed such a loyalty to his boss's bosses — otherwise known as Montana voters — that he turned his luxurious staff director's office into "the Montana Room." A beautifully carved wooden "Montana" sign hangs above a large office window, and the walls are adorned with Larry Zabel paintings of Native Americans and cowboys, and breathtaking Big Sky scenery.

You can read more about "mini-Baucus" here.

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