The truth about gun-toting soccer moms in Montana



If you haven't seen the gun story from this morning's Washington Post Style section yet, here's your chance. It's sort of about Sens. Jon Tester and John McCain getting in the way of D.C.'s 32-year ban on handguns (an entirely legitimate topic of conversation). But since Tester and McCain declined interviews, it's mostly about promoting New West stereotypes of "gun-toting soccer moms," "redneck liberals" and dads who buy pink rifles for their 6-year-old daughters.

Missoula's own Gary Marbut makes an appearance, of course. As does the measure he spearheaded during the last legislative session:

The full embrace of firearms is just as fervent to the north in Montana, where nearly two-thirds of all households have firearms. Montanans feel so strongly about their right to own guns for hunting, fending off grizzlies and — if it comes to it — fellow humans that lawmakers passed a measure last year that challenges the federal government's authority to regulate guns made and kept in their state.

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