Montana Cowgirl subject of blogosphere buzz



Blog posts and news stories abound today regarding infamous state political blogger Montana Cowgirl, an anonymous online persona who has aggregated news and gossip and repeatedly railed against politicians and right-wing candidates since launching a web page earlier this year. As the Northern Broadcasting System points out, Cowgirl has managed to release insider information from Helena while keeping her—or his—identity a secret.

The rash of coverage on Cowgirl sprang from a recent controversy involving an Oct. 15 blog post that seemingly sought to effeminize Roy Brown, the Republican state senator for SD 25. The post was comprised of two photos: one of Brown's challenger, Democratic candidate Kendall Van Dyk, in camouflage holding a dead deer, above the label "man"; and on of Brown, dressed in a sweater-vest and clutching a messenger-style bag, above the label "man purse." Cowgirl's post outraged members of the gay community statewide, who believed that the labels insinuated Brown was not Montanan enough to be an effective senator. Jamee Greer with the Montana Human Rights Network replied to the post in a comment saying, "his fondness for argyle, messenger-ish man purse bags and his only-too-recently acquired hunting license, not to mention famed vegetarianism, means what, exactly? That he’s too 'faggy' for Montana?" All told, the original post generated 67 comments.

Cowgirl later issued an apology for the post, but the damage has already been done. The blogger is now the subject of several news stories and blog posts, and some media are even digging to learn Cowgirl's identity. So far, according to the Associated Press, we know she—or he—has repeatedly used a wireless guest system at the Office of Public Instruction in Helena using a laptop. Cowgirl's blog posts have often been the topic of conversation across the state—even down here in the Indy newsroom—but now it seems Cowgirl herself is the real question of interest.

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