Houseman resigns City Council seat




Roy Houseman stepped down from his position as city councilman for Ward 2 at tonight's City Council meeting. The former Smurfit-Stone employee and union leader accepted a position with the United Steelworkers' legislative department, and the time commitment and travel schedule will conflict with his responsibilities on council.

Houseman's victory over incumbent John Hendrickson in November 2011 was a big story in large part because of the political newcomer's precocious accomplishments (and, perhaps, his Abe Lincoln beard). Houseman served as president of the Local 885 steelworkers union for nearly two years before being elected to the council at age 28.

According to the city charter, Houseman's seat will appear on the ballot in the 2011 election.

"Pending such election and qualification the City Council shall, by a majority vote of the members, appoint a person within 30 days of the vacancy to hold the office until the successor is elected and qualified," reads the charter. The replacement must come from Ward 2.

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