Watch someone eat Jeannette Rankin's head



No, really. That's what happened when the family at the center of Showtime's sitcom "Weeds" traveled to a county fair in Montana and entered a competitive eating contest. Characters Andy and Silas Botwin get stoned before having to chow down busts of Joe Montana and "Jeanette" Rankin (the placard's misspelled), respectively, made of butter. The Botwins hope to win an RV.

Other busts include Lakers coach and Montana off-season resident Phil Jackson and Ron Fitzgerald, an executive producer of the series who has ties to Missoula.

Brief warning: It takes three minutes to get to Rankin's noggin, there's some NSFW language and you'll also be subjected to some other impressions of a Montana county fair.

(Thanks to reader Ben for the link.)


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