You may have noticed a few changes to the Indy masthead in this week's issue. Here's a brief review of what's happening for the four or five people who tracks these things.

Yours truly has moved from the editor-in-chief position to a contributing editor role. That means I'll be regularly posting to the blog, occasionally writing for the paper and assisting in some editing responsibilities. The move's been in the works for a while, and allows me to spend more time at home and to pursue some other writing opportunities. After six years with the Indy I'm grateful for a chance to stay connected with the paper. You can still contact me here.

The search for a new editor, by the way, is ongoing.

Meanwhile, award-winning staff writer Matthew Frank moves up to the role of associate editor. Matthew will still write, but he's assumed some additional editing responsibilities that will continue even when the new editor is hired. You can reach Matthew here, or by calling the newsroom at 406-543-6609.

Lastly, beyond the masthead, be sure to check out the Indy's enhanced presence on Facebook. If you "like" the paper, you'll be notified of featured stories, new blog posts and other important announcements.

That's all. Happy Friday.

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