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Two weeks ago we linked to a fictitious cable television show character eating the likeness of Jeannette Rankin's head, and today we've got video of a real cable television show host eating the head of an octopus. I sense a trend!

In last night's episode of "The Wild Within," former Missoula resident and UM grad Steven Rinella hunted in Hawaii. His first challenge was to not only get an octopus, but to also paralyze it by biting into a nerve center situated behind the octopus's eyes. You can see the video here. The aftermath, described in Rinella's Travel Channel blog, wasn't pretty.


The episode also revealed the series highlight that Rinella wouldn't divulge in his recent interview with the Indy. Toward the end of his preparations for a big feast of freshly harvested Hawaiian seafood and game, Rinella tracked down a wild boar with the help of a native and some dogs. Rinella was following ancient traditions and the advice of locals, as he's done in every episode, and hunting with only a knife. Trouble started when the dogs spotted a large boar, but couldn't subdue the animal. Rinella stepped in to help and suddenly found the boar thrashing through a creek and charging him. He killed it. Alas, there's no video to post online. You'll have to catch a re-airing of the episode.

A note on catching a rerun: It may be hard. Rinella's show is pretty raw and not for the squeamish. While he's conscientious about what he hunts and how he hunts it (the meat from the bison he shot, for instance, went to a local Sioux tribe that helped him bag it; he says most of the game he hunts goes to feed his family and friends), he certainly has some detractors. That's apparently why The Travel Channel has switched his show from prime time on Sundays to Saturdays at noon, starting next week.

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