The week's links: Rehberg's seat, health care, Egypt and Super Bowl hookers



No shortage of major topics in the news this week, so let's break 'em down by category.

Tester, Rehberg, Daines, etc.:

Sen. Tester came out swinging in anticipation of Denny's big announcement tomorrow. Meanwhile, Ward 1's Dave Strohmaier is reportedly weighing a run for Denny's seat, state Rep. Ellie Boldman Hill likes the woman who has already declared for the race, and John S. Adams takes a guess at who else (Tyler Gernant?) may be considering a campaign against Daines.

The Leg
Pogie at Intelligent Discontent has offered up some of the best, most consistent coverage from Helena this session. His latest on the Republican majority is an enlightening summary. Also, if you're not already using Montana Policy Institute's Tweet Montana to follow legislators via Twitter, check it out.

Health care:
Lawyer and lightning rod Rob Natelson reappears at Electric City Weblog to write about the legal back-and-forth related to health care reform. His point: "Unless the Supreme Court overrules this part of the opinion—or, better still, pares back Congress’s spending power to constitutional limits—the trend can continue toward rendering the states mere puppets on the federal string."

Locally, 4&20 blackbirds is hosting an open thread on democracy and the Middle East (more than 80 comments so far), The Polish Wolf offers his thoughts on U.S. strategy in Egypt, and Bill Vaughn thinks all the protesters throw rocks like French kids, "who certainly know their cinema verité, but have no idea how to fire a fastball."

The Super Bowl:
As a few local cheeseheads may have mentioned recently, there's a little football game this weekend in Texas. The Dallas Observer performed the dirty task of dispelling some Super Bowl myths, like that 100,000 hookers are not, as officials promised threatened, taking over the city. If you want to know who is in Dallas this weekend, and what they're probably doing, read the alt weekly's full Super Bowl weekend guide.

In other football/alt weekly news, the owner of the Washington Redskins, Daniel Snyder, is suing the Washington City Paper because he didn't like its brilliant evisceration of him, titled "The Cranky Redskins Fans Guide to Dan Snyder." Snyder is rightfully despised by everyone, and now he's taking offense to a three-month-old story that basically put all of his moronic behavior in one place. It's a staggeringly dumb lawsuit that boils down to intimidation — a letter from Snyder's lawyer basically says he has more money than the City Paper, and he'll drown the paper in legal bills. As a D.C.-area native and long-time Redskins fan (not to mention City Paper fan), this has to be a low point in the franchise's history. Like, lower than the Danny Wuerffel era.

On a local football note, if you'd like to geek out on the newest crop of Griz, feel free to watch this 35-minute (!) video presentation of the team's 2011 recruiting class.


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