Ravalli County treasurer resigns


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The flap over Ravalli County Treasurer Mary Hudson-Smith's recent inadequacies came to a jarring conclusion yesterday morning when Hudson-Smith tendered her resignation before the Ravalli County Board of County Commissioners. Ravalli Republic reporter Whitney Bermes quoted Hudson-Smith as citing "external negativity" in the county as her reason for stepping down.

The news came just days after Shawna Koch, a former treasurer office employee in Ravalli County, launched a citizen effort to recall Hudson-Smith. "I kept following the comments on the Republic website and was waiting for someone to step up to the plate," Koch told the Indy late last week. "No one really did so here we are. Although at this point as I have just been contacted by seven interested in assisting, I anticipate more interest in the coming days." Many individuals—including Ravalli County commissioners—repeatedly questioned Hudson-Smith's ability to handle her new office.

Shortly after winning her election bid against Democratic incumbent JoAnne Johnson last November, Hudson-Smith explained her reasons for running for treasurer to the Independent. "I just thought I needed a challenge and I thought I had something to offer," she said. Her term lasted just over 40 days.


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