Osprey peanut-free game goes national



A Reuters story about peanut-free zones at professional baseball games leads with the story of Missoula mom Cheri Pijanowski.

According to the story, Pijanowski hand-washed 150 white folding chairs with bleach and water, then power-washed the section and vetted the concession menu so her son and other kids with severe peanut allergies could enjoy an Osprey ballgame. From the article:

In most cases, a peanut-controlled game day means offering an isolated section of around 100 seats that have been thoroughly cleaned, banning the sale of nuts nearby, posting signs and ushers around to make fans aware of the nut-free zone and keeping medical staff close for emergencies.
Peanut allergies affect roughly 0.5 to 1 percent of the population and appear to be on the rise, perhaps even doubling in the last decade, according to experts.

There's no additional mention of Pijanowski, but a call to the Osprey office explains that the team offers a peanut-free night once a year. This year's peanut-free night is July 7. During that game, no peanuts, Cracker Jacks or any other food product involving peanuts are sold at the ballpark. And, of course, the famous "Pea-Nuts" promotion — free bags if the home team scores — is skipped.

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