Today in local Harry Potter news




Holy Hogwarts: Tonight, at the Missoula Public Library, the legendary Harry and the Potters make their local debut. Missoula's own Hank Green shares the bill. The show is free. You should be there.

Not familiar with Harry and the Potters? Allow them to explain:

Imagine if Harry Potter quit the quidditch team and started a punk rock band. Take that one step further and imagine that he stole a time-turner and decided to start that band with himself from a different point in time. Imagine that band could exist without compromising themselves. Imagine that they are able to operate completely independently, without managers, booking agents, recording budgets, publicists, record labels, or anything aside from a sense of enthusiasm and a desire to have fun.

Hello. We are Harry and the Potters.

Joe and Paul DeGeorge, who started the band back in 2002 when they were 15 and 23, respectively, are entirely DIY and have a devoted following; they played their 500th show back in 2009 and once performed in front of roughly 10,000 folks in Harvard Square. And, yes, all of their songs are about Harry Potter.

Hank, by the way, is quite the musician himself. He created DFTBA records. And he also occasionally sings about Potter and Hogwarts.

Show starts at 7 p.m. in the library parking lot. Again, it's free.

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