Early in the horse race



Public Policy Polling released more numbers from its recent Montana calls, and the results reveal about what you'd expect so early in the races. Mainly, nobody's really made up their mind. And nobody really knows who's who.

In the Republican primaries, voters prefer Rick Hill for governor by a healthy margin, and Steve Daines for Congress. In the latter, however, 64 percent of voters are still undecided and most don't even know who Daines is.

On the Democratic side, voters continue to favor two governor candidates who aren't in the race (yet?), Steve Bullock and John Bohlinger. Bullock leads 40-27. Missoula's own Dave Wanzenried, who has officially entered the race, comes in third with 7 percent. There was no data on the Dems primary race for the U.S. House.

Perhaps the most interesting numbers come from an imaginary 2014 primary between U.S. Sen. Max Baucus and Gov. Brian Schweitzer for Baucus' seat. PPL shows Schweitzer winning handily, 51-34.

PPL called 333 "usual Montana Democratic primary voters" and 382 Republicans. View the raw data with this PDF: PPP_Release_MT_0705.pdf

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