Six alternative links for the Yellowstone oil spill



Matthew Brown at the AP has done an admirable job reporting all the sludge-coated angles of the ongoing Yellowstone disaster.

But here are stories from six other outlets that may add to the coverage.

1. Andrew Schenkel of the Mother Nature Network offers a recent history of oil pipeline problems in the U.S., complete with a map of existing pipelines.


2. Much of the commentary has already switched to the prospects of the proposed Keystone XL, a pipeline that would also cross the Yellowstone River.

3. Gov. Schweitzer gave a typically colorful interview to Politico, the national political blog, about the spill. His best quotes:

“I can tell you right now, I am gonna stay on this like smell on a skunk until it’s cleaned up.”

“There ain’t nobody gonna blow smoke up the south side of this north-facing governor."

And, on a different note:

“Modern pipeline technology does not lay pipeline in the bed of a river,” he said, adding the Keystone project is needed.

4. The Great Falls Tribune's John S. Adams spoke to a bunch of local residents who are livid over the lack of information from officials.

5. AOL Travel is already speculating on the impact to local tourism.

6. But don't worry: Analysts believe Exxon Mobil Corp. stock should be just fine, according to a report in Forbes.

Pavel Molchanov of Raymond James said in a client note that there appears to be a modest environmental impact from the spill, with no danger to the public's health as far as air quality and no reports of municipal water system troubles.

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